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Tuesday 10 April, 07:00 PM CET (Zurich)

The New Standard of Care in Oral Hygiene

Speaker: James Kouzoukian

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The New Standard of Care in Oral Hygiene

General denistry

1 CE

Speaker: James Kouzoukian

Specific changes must be made to the oral hygiene protocols used in our dental practices in order to be in compliance with the new standard of care in dentistry.

How do patients maintain a healthy dentition and protect an investment in dental prosthetics? Current research indicates that our old standbys are no longer considered effective to maintain implants and protect them against peri-implantitis, maintain a post surgical result in periodontal treatment and effectively treat a non-surgical periodontal case. Our new standards and their dentolegal considerations will be discussed.

The topic and material contained in this seminar will be of interest to dentists as well as hygienists.

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